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EGMS Databases and Forms

Proposal Form Preparation
Complete and print sponsor-required proposal forms. Sponsor specific forms are available for NIH, NSF, and MnDOT. In addition, a Generic option is provided to prepare budgets and forms in a standardized format accepted by many sponsors.

  How do I get started with a proposal?

Other Support Database
Enter and store information on current and previous funding applications to use in proposals.

EGMS Forms
Complete, print, electronically route, and approve these University forms: Proposal Routing Form (PRF), Report of External Professional Activities (REPA), Material Transfer Agreement Routing Form (MTARF), Request for Consultant or Outside Service Agreement (ROC), and EGMS FormsNirvana Access Request (FNA).
File a Report of External Professional Activities (REPA)

EGMS Expertise Database
Enter and store professional details to use in proposal biographical sketches.

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