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EGMS: How to Get Started

To begin using EGMS

If you are preparing a proposal in EGMS:

Because the EGMS databases interact with each other, some kinds of data must be entered into one database before they can be used in another. For this reason:

  • It is recommended that you start by entering data in the Expertise and Other Support Databases. Once your professional information is added to these databases, use the Proposal Preparation Database to complete the sponsor forms for a proposal. When you arrive at the biosketch section, you choose the data you need from the Expertise and Other Support Databases to fill the pages.
  • It is required that you complete and audit the EGMS proposal before you begin your Proposal Routing Form (PRF). From within the EGMS proposal, you tell EGMS to send proposal data (investigator names and budget totals, for example) to the EGMS Forms Database to partially complete the PRF.

If you only need to prepare:

  • a Proposal Routing Form (PRF; to submit with a proposal that was not created in EGMS);
  • a Report of External Professional Activities (REPA);
  • a Request for Consultant or Outside Service Agreement (ROC); or
  • a Material Transfer Agreement Routing Form (MTARF),

click the EGMS Forms link on the EGMS Home Page, log in, and use the Make a Request link to choose the online form that you want to complete.

To get help with EGMS

As you get started, if you would like information on what is available for EGMS training, documentation, and assistance, see EGMS Support for more information.